January 20th, 2017

Congratulations America with Donald J Trump as your 45th President, someone with a narcissistic personality disorder, unqualified, with no Legal, Moral and Ethical standards or standing.

Congratulations my Liberal friends, you have been complicit to electing Donald J Trump as President. You have squandered away the Civilized Society as we know it with Universal Health Care, Women’s right to Choose, Gun control, Environmental protection, Education, Abolishing Capital Punishment, LTGB protection / rights and a Supreme Court for all Americans and you enabled the return of CIA Torture.

Congratualations my Conservative friends, you have choosen party over country. You have been blinded by your hate and corrupted  in seeing only the shiny surface and despite warnings and in your hunger for power you have ignored that underneath the shiny surface the wood is rotten. You have ignored that there is an malignant cancer which is eating the Republican party and Democracy alive.

The election of Donald J Trump has made America and the World less safe and a more unstable place. In doing so the voters have ignored their self-interests and best be be ready to inherit the Authoritarian winds of their choices, the responsibility for the disasters which President Trump will bring to your family, your children and their future is yours.

This election has given fresh oxygen to the pointed heads, racism, anti-emigrant rhetoric and to our European demagogue’s Le Pen, Petry and Wilders which are already a malignant disease to our Societies.

We must be vigilant on both sides of the pond about the rise of Nationalism and that this 1932 disease Fascism is not sticking up its ugly head again.

Thank you America, the World is already inheriting the winds of your choices.

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