June 24th, 2017

After four months in the White House, the 45th President  of the United States narcissistic Donald J Trump has created his own Twi-Light zone, called the international order into question and attacked the American system of Government, in which the courts represent the last check and balances, while at the same time Republican control over the other two branches and money in politics are undermining democracy.

As David Frum wrote after Trump’s  inauguration address “The worst human being ever to enter the White House, and I include all slaveholders.”

Bill Kristol said about his address “Terms that don’t appear in Trump’s address: Liberty, equality, freedom (though “freedoms” used once), duty, Constitution, self-Government.”

This is why, I like many of my Conservative and Liberal friends would be delighted if Donald J Trump would depart from the White House, in whatever form sooner rather than later.

The World at large would breathe a sigh of relief upon his departure.

From my perspective and speaking as a European this would increase the reputation and trust in the United States enormously. With each passing day the reputation of the US is further damaged and its position in the World weakened.

Coming to this conclusion with the observation that my Liberal and Republican friends share in fact the same basic human values such as personal responsibility, self-reliance and free market participation. There might be civil disagreement on some aspects but there is the understanding that individuals cannot be completely depended upon to reach this, while interpretation of the level of required State involvement and on how to reach these might vary.

The general feeling in Europe, after the disrespect during the G7 meeting in Italy and the NATO gathering in Bruxelles by Donald J Trump he would do us all a great favor by not visiting the EU again.

After all you can’t put lipstick on a pig.

Let me elaborate on this and suggest that the trans-Atlantic relationship, NATO have brought us freedom, tolerance, solidarity, rule of law during 60+ years. Perhaps not always perfect but based on these values this has brought both the US and European Union economic benefits, peace and stability. By working economically, politically and military together we have been stronger in addressing and solving the problems we have been faced with.

Since “Black Friday”, January 20th, 2017 the political climate of the US and the World has been influenced by the installation of Donald J Trump as President of the United States of America, someone with no legal, moral or ethical standards or standing, eminently unqualified.

With the election of Trump the 35+% of the US has chosen for Nationalism and Self-Isolation, which already has internally led to increased polarization and caused a surge in racial prejudice, a result of the divisions in American society.

These divisions and inequality in society and the hardening in Congress have grown since the Nixon “Law and Order” years and were hidden under the surface and freed by Trump. In this process the discomfort during the Vietnam, Watergate years and the election of President Barack Obama also played a role.

In fact Trump was bound to happen, he is only a symptom and if not Trump someone else would have used and stimulated the feelings in the underbelly of America to return to the “good old” times.

These divisions in society will continue to grow due to Artificial Intelligence and technological advancements and need to be addressed. As estimated by Oxford University 47% of US middle class jobs will disappear in the coming years and decennia. In the UK and China this is respectively forecasted at 35% and 70 %.

This will create a completely different society, in a world in which in the US 14 % of its population is unable to read and write, a world in which education is the key to prosperity for future generations and a universal income will need to be considered.

The question which responsible Democrats and Republicans are facing, on which consensus needs to be found is: “how do we define our civilized Society in the light of the present divisions and inequality in Society?”

In a civilized Society Climate Change is accepted, Women have the right to choose, Universal Health Care is included and it takes care of the neediest among its citizen.

During the election of Donald Trump the media played a negative role by wearing self-imposed shackles and rationalized and normalized the candidate Trump. By not calling Trump alternative fact old fashioned lies and accepting Trumps attacks on the free press and independence of the courts we have entered Orwell’s “1984” dystopian world, a world in which only critical thinking and truth mean survival.

Like Thomas Jefferson said “When the speech condemns free speech you are hearing the words of a tyrant”

The Republican Party by selecting Donald J Trump has made a bargain with the Devil, but the Devil never delivers the bargain and the result is they have allowed the Trump’s nepotism and authoritarian kleptocracy to enter the White House.

Fact is the Trump administration has ignorance as its hallmark and self-enrichment as his main purpose. Trump is a delusional President who does not support human right and feels more comfortable with autocrats such as Vladimir Putin, El-Sisi, Rodrigo Duterte and Recep Tayyip Erdogan than he does with his NATO partners; while admiring the Tiananmen Square massacre he blames the constitution for his failures.

During 130+ days in office Trump has shown himself to be a common liar, security risk and a danger to Democracy. The Trump administration is like a drunken angry Elephant creating havoc in a village, ignorant about the workings and dynamics of Government.

In his malevolent campaign against Europe Trump supported Brexit and the fascist Marine Le Pen. Her father Jean Marie Le Pen declared Hitler was elected democratically and the Holocaust was just a mere detail of history, upbringing leaves it traces. But all the cozying up to Trump didn’t help Le Pen, May or Wilders.

Trump has shown him to be a relentless drip like water torture each day hollowing out the institution of the Presidency and is not only a threat to the United States of America but also a threat to the transatlantic relationship, European Union and NATO. The Alliance took decades to build and brought us peace and stability over the last 70+ years is under attack and is now being undermined.

It’s not the first time the roads of Europe and the US diverge, also under George W Bush with the Iraq war the trans-Atlantic relationship was tested, but never in a way that shared values were questioned.

What we see today is how Trump in his show of mental instability and ignorance is dismantling all that America is and all that America could have been. The question is “at what time mentally deterioration becomes disqualifying for the Republican Party?”

The Trump administration is retreating from the Liberal order and there are discords in the areas of human rights, environment protection, international law, free trade, Russia and multilateralism. Today the Trump world is becoming similar to Vladimir Putin’s world in which there are no long-term relationships, but only interests.

Trump disbelief in science and climate change is a further sign of his limited mind or the absence thereof and with his latest initiative to withdraw from the Paris Accords the US has entered the one-way road to disaster which places the US outside the international community.

As Margaret Albright noted “Withdrawing from the Paris accords Trump has turned American leadership into a symbol of American isolation, damaging US economy and security.”

In all of this Angela Merkel has been impressive, the calm in the eye of the Trump storm and came given the erosion of trust to the only conclusion possible when she said “We Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands.”

With this statement a line in the sand has been drawn in realizing the Global order is part of the past and the future of US leadership is in question. With this we have reached a turning point which might lead to the possible severing of close US-Germany relations.

Driving a wedge into the trans-Atlantic relationship has been a supreme goal of the former Soviet Union policies since 1945 and with Trump as enabler Vladimir Putin strategy of undermining the cohesion of Western Liberal society comes into sight.

This means we as EU must strengthen and protect our Liberal society; minimize our dependence on the US, “perhaps in time sanity will return and the US will be ready again for its leadership role which is required for a stable world order.” But time does not wait and China and Russia are ready to take advantage and fill parts of the present void Trump has created.

We can only come to the regrettable conclusion that Donald J Trump nationalistic, protectionist policies has had already a most disruptive impact on stability in the world and on the reputation of the United States in general.


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