September 3rd, 2014

The EU sanctions against Russian interests are dubious and its doubtfull that the parties can effort this. It even might create a Lehman-shock moment as JPMorgan states.

Total trade between EU-Russia is $ 330 billion of which Russia exports to the EU $ 152 billion and the EU exports 213 billion. So please explain me as a 6 year old, who plays the bill for this insanity of our politicians. As to the US-Russia trade it’s insignificant with the US exporting to Russia $ 11 billion and importing $ 26 billion.

Strategic Economic cooperation has benefited both the EU and Russia greatly and the EU again acts as the lapdog of the US. The Russian sanctions are ill advised and will only create losers.

As to the economics, the total value of trade in both directions can be put at US$ 330 billion, of which the EU exported US$ 264 billion to Russia and the EU imported US$ 152 billion from Russia. In great contrast Trade between the US and Russia can be estimated at US$ 38,1 billion.



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