September 10th, 2016

In general our political systems in Europe is Liberal and is based on coalition governments and building consensus between parties. This is also the result of not having a two-party system like in the US, but having a number of political parties, therefore the political orientation of Governments can change in each period.

But in general the preference for Democrats has to do that our culture is different and we view a civilized society in some ways differently.

To summarize:

A civilized society is one that has an advanced and humane culture, protects personal freedoms, ensures equal treatment for all people, and leaves positive legacies for future generations, including balanced budgets and protecting the environment. “

A civilized society doesn’t take the easy road to immediate prosperity, but uses its advanced and creative collective minds to take on the burden of challenging tasks and develop innovative solutions!”

In general terms this means a division between church and state, to have universal health care, social security, full education, protecting the weak in society, protecting the environment, no capital punishment, and women’s right to choose, gun control, lower defence spending, which ultimately results in higher taxes compared to the US.

Also the quality of life is more important in Europe than in the US, if you view that we work less and the difference in the number of holidays, minimum 28 days per year (4–6 weeks). In general most countries offer between 30–34 days.

Although this outlook is more in line with the program of the Democrats it can be called centre-right. In Europe the program of the Republicans, in facto dismantling of our civilized society, would not be supported by the majority.

William J J Houtzager

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