March 10th, 2015

By issuing this letter to Iran’s leadership written by some of the the more infantile Republican Senators, they are undermining a central part of the President’s foreign policy.

Their action is beyond shameless and these actions are worthy of representatives of a banana republic.

What this may mean for peace and stability in the Middle East does not appear to have concerned these esteemed Senators. Perhaps they should have considered if the negotiations with Iran fail, they will have aided and comforted the forces in Iran again this arrangement and who wish to have their country its own arsenal of nuclear weapons to counter the arsenal Israel has.

It is astounding that the Iranian foreign minister has a better understanding of who in the US is constitutionally authorized to conduct foreign policy, than the Republican signatories to the letter.

These Senators have again shown that in today’s dangerous world the United States does not speak with one voice. By these actions, first with the ill-advised invitation to Netanyahu to speak to Congress and now this strange letter which borders on treason the senator’s harm what’s integrity, trust and respect the United States has left in the world.

First let the negotiations be completed and then decide whether the deal is “good” or “bad” and then the sanctions will be eased, if not by the US, they will be eased by China, Europe and Russia.



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