January 24th, 2017


In response to a question on Quora:

I would advise Donald J Trump to consider what William Shakespeare wrote:

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

Without doubt I have critical views on Donald J Trump and I have expressed these before, but they have nothing to do with hate, but only with the fact that in my view “The Donald is eminently unqualified for the office he occupies, both in understanding and in temperament. Others have expressing this much better and more eloquently.

By bringing in his ultra-right wrecking crew, Donald Trump is sending the US back to the 1920’s or the 1930’s. ‪

Complicity in 1932 was at all levels, essentially leading to the known events of WW II but with the knowledge of history the complicity we see today is not defensible.

Of course we can ignore and say “Don’t listen to what strange perverted older men with weird orange toupees and personality disorders say

But what I see are the dangerous contours of a authoritarian system leading to a kleptocracy. Having said that, methods of authoritarianism change from time to time, but the content and result is always the same.

My belief is that we should take Donald J Trump at his word and very seriously indeed because under the surface the real danger is there.

It is a gradual process. It will start with limiting free press, the libel laws will be modified, then free protests will be limited and forbidden. In the interest of the people. Opponents will be prosecuted. This is why it was suggested to restart “The House of Anti-American Activities Committee.” Soon if he is not opposed McCarthy is back.

Then we are back in History.

To conclude, there is no hate but this needs to be expressed since even for a minority of one, Liberty means the right to oppose whatever position, vote, decision, or majority- there is no duty at all to submit and collaborate when we don’t agree with.

This especial holds true since Donald J Trump is a danger to the foundations of democracy and peace and stability in our World. He therefore must be opposed and resisted from day one.


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