April 20th, 2008

Remembering Lady Aphrodite

By The Real Princess

The meadows are suddenly quiet
The summer breeze has lost a soul
quiet is the yonder sparrow
fraught with an absent tomorrow
Here she walked
Here lay her breast
herein shook her happy crest
Silent now her secrets spent
walks no more
her ballet done
A fragrance lost
a promise frayed
A token taken
without request
time did steal the lady’s flight
her loss to us is nothing light
sleep still sweet lady
rest your limbs
the pain now past
sadness tossed
Your heavy breath strangely gone
your gypsy mate feels alone
Fears of parting now at hand
Wish we had a magic wand
In soul we meet
what in life we lost
that’s an oath
a troth , a truth
This moment though let us mourn
for a friend who was once our own…

let tears abound unchallenged yet
for the lady Aphrodite now has slept..

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