March 27th, 2017


The recent remarkeble remarks coming from PM Erdogan calling the Netherlands fascists and Nazi remnants, this after landing rights were revoked for Turkey’s foreign minister who was declared persona non grata are cynical and unacceptable; perhaps PM Erdogan should read up on the sovereignty of Nations or listen to Rotterdam’s Ahmed Aboutaleb very respected Muslim Mayor on the destruction of the city during WWII before he calls them Nazi’s.

These remarks testify to the fact that in our present “demagoguery day and the age of “Diplomacy seems to be a lost art, but these remarks are interesting coming from Turkey’s Authoritarian leader demanding freedom of speech in Europe, which at the same time using the July 15 2016 coups attempt as an excuse to declare the state of emergency and to undermine the independent judiciary, freedom of speech, freedom of the press in Turkey.

The state of emergency has resulted in the imprisonment in excess of 50,000 people, among them politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors, journalists, army officers and police officers. Many have been tortured and some have died in prison, others in excess of 100,000 +have have lost their jobs in the purge.

In this 1930’s climate of fear and suppression its time the re-assess Turkey’s position in NATO and any form of accession negotiations between Turkey and the European Union cannot be held and should already have been cancelled, despite the interest of the EU to control the refugee crisis. But the EU should not allow to be held hostage by PM Erdogan’s threats and blackmail.

Today the question is who is the terrorist?

Is this the leader of the PKK who has been isolated in jail for the last 18 years, the other prosecuted politicians or journalists, or is this the President of Turkey? Take into account the more than 350,000 Kurds which have been driven out their houses and the thousands which have been killed, women have been killed or worse. The PKK is not an innocent and has murdered, but today it’s not about the PKK anymore, but about the opposition which is being prosecuted and about an event similar to the Reichstag’s fire of February 27, 1933.

Its obvious PM Erdogan and Extreme right represented by Geert Wilders in the Netherlands have with the coming elections similar interests, just like Donald J Trump they use intolerance, fear, hate and need an external enemy, or to create an enemy of the people.

In doing to megalomaniac manipulator in Chief PM Erdogan provoked a further crisis with Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the European Union and then uses this for his political advantage because its critical for PM Erdogan to win the coming election.

PM Erdogan latest remarks show there are far too many idiots in the World, who seek to draw others down to their deplorable level.


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