Augustus 20th, 2015


Walter J Palmer and other so called “trophy hunters” who come to Africa to destroy and destruct are without any moral or ethical values, which seems to be also representative for many in our present day society.

In the words of Dr. Andrew Plumtre

Human dignity and welfare of are inextricably linked to the dignity and survival of wild animals.

Its difficult to understand how someone can get any pleasure of killing such animals. It’s incomprehensible why a person acts like this and to me its pure evil. But the real people responsible in this are the Government’s of Zaire and Zimbabwe who give opportunity by issuing  hunting permits and allow these disturbing practices and profit financially.

Mr. Palmer believed that his act was perfectly legal, for which he paid $ 50,000 and today Mr. Palmer and his guide by luring Cecil out of the safety of National park have become the face of this evil and are vilified beyond imagination.

But he is only one player in what some call a sport. There are many examples of people such as Ernest Hemingway or William Faulkner who hunted during African safaris. But that was then, this is now, but the  emotional reactions on social media are in general emotions from behind a keyboard which are much too easy and not productive.

Perhaps trophy hunters can’t be stopped from shooting lions, elephants or rhino’s .. but in a civilized society they should be despised for these intolerable actions and Governments should pass legislation to make importing of trophies illegal.

However, in Zimbabwe the real people which should be held responsible and vilified are Mr. Mugabe and his cronies who have starved their country which is in total decline, a country which is pauperized, has unemployment of 90 %, there is no wildlife protection to speak of and the country is in complete chaos.

In this environment, without the rule of law, the Zimbabwean Government has let these killings happen like they have destructed everything else and by doing so supply the opportunity and are responsible for this and other killings.

The Government of the same Mr. Mugabe who delighted in having an Elephant cooked for his 91st birthday this year, so why are we surprised.


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