February 20th, 2016


We live in extraordinary- and dangerous times, times in which nationalism; racism and fascism are again sneaking up their ugly haughty heads… The rogue elephant Donald Trump is the latest and the main representative of this movement and a danger to the US and to the World, a danger which should be taken very seriously.

Albert Einstein already said: Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.

With Donald Trump, a new star has appeared on the political horizon and he has become the narcissistic darling of the “know-nothing” voters.

But there is nothing presidential about Donald Trump, the arrogant little man reminds me of an OX bull, while he grows in size, he does not grow in wisdom.

It’s a spectacle which the Donald brings us daily, the greatest show on earth and what he has shown us so far is deplorable and I can only conclude that Trump is a good example of the kind of populist who lacks empathy, intellectual capacity and the moral authority to lead. His whole life is a testament to this.

The Donald does not read books and cannot be accused of having a vision or much understanding about the problems we are facing or how to react to changes which are taking place in the world.

“The Donald” reminds me of the Python Kaa in Jungle book, singing the song “trust in me to Mogli, making him fall asleep while having the intention to eat Mogli. The same holds true for Donald Trump and we must be careful not to be eaten alive.

Like Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and other arrogant populists we have in Europe are without exception dangerous demagogues which have no solutions to the problems our societies are facing, but they use fear, ignorance, insults and disinformation as weapons, not knowledge or understanding. Most sizzle out at election time since their perishable date is rather limited.

It must be concluded that a “Trump” Presidency would be disaster for the US and to the World since his ugly racism is repugnant and unacceptable more fitting to be expressed in a Münchener Bier hall in the 1930’s then in 2016.

But in the GOP  Trump’s brand based on ignorance, prejudice and isolationism was welcomed and has brought a cancer to the surface, which if not rejected will eat the party alive. Long held values are being destroyed which will set the party back for the years to come.

All of this invoke memories of our darkest hour at a time when Jewish refugees were refused and Japanese were interned. It seems we do not learn from our history and do not understand how to place events in a historic context.

But the times we live in are different; it’s perverse how today the US Presidency is bought by insignificant little people.

Perhaps it’s like Ronald Reagan once observed, “I used to say that politics was the second lowest profession and I have come to know that it bears a great similarity to the first”.


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